What’s new with the Online Snake Game?


Most of us have played the classic snake game that was so popular in the late 90s, with the use of our Nokia mobile phones. We were able to experience the fun and excitement brought to us by the snake game, and we had so much fun playing it with friends and family. But, as the years went by, this classic game was replaced as a stock game in Nokia mobile phones and eventually, the popularity of the game remained a memory.

The Classic Revived

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, this classic snake game has taken a new version which can be played online, and it features the same game play as what we have in our Nokia phones before. Furthermore, the game also features a more colorful presentation and obstacles that are unique from what we previously played before. However, the game is still played the same way. All the player needs to do is to guide the snake to where the food is which randomly appears in the screen. There is also a bonus treat which has greater score compared to the regular food that randomly appears on the screen.

Another new thing with the online snake game is, it has level selection, which can be fun or demoralizing for a player. It has a slow level, normal and fast. But for those who are expert snake players, you might want to try the insane level. In the insane level, the snake moves so fast and gets longer way faster. This level will really challenge the hand to eye coordination of the playing and timing is also important. Knowing exactly where to turn and timing it perfectly will definitely help any player increase his score.